About a year after my first speaking appearance, I was at a Rotary Club, waiting to begin my presentation when a young woman came up to me.

She said “I heard you were going to be at this Rotary Club. You spoke at mine in Concord six months ago and I had to come and thank you for what you said.”

Taken aback, I asked “What did I say?”

“You told us if we didn’t know our cost of doing business, we had no idea whether we could be profitable.” She relayed. “I went back home, looked at what I was spending and what I was taking in and I was loosing $3,000 a month. Today, because of your Power Partner concept, I’m now making $6,000 a month profit.” she gushed.

I had a valid reason to speak!

That was all it took. Someone validated my concepts and I was ready to go out and speak anywhere I could find a group.

I also found groups of unemployed individuals and began to speak at their groups to try and inspire them to start their own businesses so they’d never have to go through being laid off ever again.