Sunil Bhaskaran

Sunil Bhaskaran began coaching and training people in 1989. With more than 20 years of coaching and training experience, leading to and training thousands of people in mass audiences to smaller group sessions to one-on-one sessions, he has made a profound difference in the world.  Having owned and run several businesses himself, Sunil speaks, trains and clarifies from experience; he is first and foremost a business person; a business owner before a business trainer and speaker. He started his first business in the early 1990’s: a consulting company and bought his first real estate holding in 1991.

He has a variety of business and life coaching programs: one-on-one trainings thru group coaching trainings.  He has two degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked as an engineer and an engineering manager for nine years, developing the fine craft of analysis and sensible design.

He had his own successful personal development radio show on KSCO, Santa Cruz: “Lets Talk Relationships” and was a radio personality contributing his wit and humor to an ongoing weekly show.  His first book, The Forgiving Universe