Sharyn Abbott

Sharyn Abbott has an endearing charismatic style, she captures her audience’s attention as well as their hearts. With her one-of-a-kind technique and masterful authority of her work, time and again she continues to receive high accolades from her audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers of our time.

Her credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial success, in addition to an extensive business consulting background. She is also a prolific writer with many popular books Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom, which is dedicated to help people live their life on purpose, Mixing it Up, her book that is dedicated to leading entrepreneurs to success, J.O.B.S. Just Over Broke Syndromefor anyone who has ever thought about start their own business andMaking a List and Checking it Twice an inspirational guide to help singles choose a great mate and her first children’s book, The Adventures of Master Pineapple.

She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was featured for her innovative concepts on positive communication techniques; on Contra Costa TV discussing her years of dedication in assisting entrepreneurs in making their businesses more successful; on Business 2000 Television, a show broadcast throughout the Bay Area; on Channel 44’s Working at Home where Sharyn talked about the pitfalls of isolation that occur with some Homebased businesses; and most recently on Minding Your Business, a nationally syndicated radio program with Michael Lee.

Ms. Abbott was featured as a keynote speaker at the Money Fair, a homebased business trade show, which closely relates to her avocation for entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Elite Leads Business Development.

Sharyn presented five topics on a 10-day Princess cruise through the Panama and will be featured on an 8-day Hawaiian Island cruise in November 2005.

Sharyn has been speaking since 1992 when her mentor took her to a Lion’s Club meeting and then informed her that she was the guest speaker. Rather than disappoint her mentor, she took the podium and even though Sharyn doesn’t remember a word she spoke. Within a year of speaking at various service organizations, she received a great compliment. One of the attendees had seen her six months before and told Sharyn “If I hadn’t heard you speak I would have had to give up my business and take a job.”

From that point on Ms. Abbott was hooked. She believes it is an amazing privilege to be able to affect people in a positive nature through public speaking.

Sharyn has more than 20 years experience working  in the corporate environment. Her sales skills led to more than 6 years awards as one of the top ten out of the 300 national sales team in a Fortune firm. Ms. Abbott has provided training in most of the Fortune firms in the Bay Area and western states including Bechtel, Chevron, Hewlett Packard, GE, Varian, Borden, Watkins-Johnson, Apex, Tab Products, Century 21, Uniglobe Franchise, Macaroni Bar & Grill, Associated Grocers, Boeing, Bayer and Skaggs to name a few.

Sharyn Speaking in New Orleans December 2010