I have been told many times that the main concern business owners have cash flow. But the reality is when there are ample marketing processes in place, the cash flow is automatic.

One of my favorite methods of marketing is building Power Partner relationships. Power Partners are relationships with those of different industries who are working with the same clients for different purposes.

For an example, an computer specialist would find a commercial realtor, telecommunications specialist, printer, property manager, office furniture sales and office supply sales people are always going to be working with an ideal prospect for the computer specialist.

Marketing also includes activities such as attending chamber functions, leads groups, specialized organizations and anywhere groups of people gather.

The greatest thing about meeting people is they are usually eager to support one and another. All that is necessary is to have a business others need or want and to ask for their business.

The challenge is in keeping up with the numbers. When you understand what it takes for you to achieve the right numbers, as in how many people you need to talk with before you end up with a new client, you’ll see what you have to do make sure you have enough business¬† consistenrtly.