Leads Groups

The first lead group I attended was in Walnut Creek at a Copper Skillet restaurant. I had been invited for more than six months, but I kept finding reasons why I couldn’t attend. I would even sit in the parking lot and look to see that I had worn the wrong shoes, forgot to wear earrings, thought I was too late to walk in if I was on time.

So finally one day I arrived ten minutes early, I had on great shoes and amazing earrings. So I walked into the meeting, introduced myself and sat down as the meeting began. They started off by introducing themselves and their companies.

I was so nervous, so when it was time for me to introduce myself I said “Hi I’m Sharyn Uniglobe from Abbott Travel.”

There was about 10 seconds of silence, then everyone laughed. I was mortified at my mistake, but the person next to me didn’t hesitate to keep the introductions going.

In August of 1990 the US Navy ships had gone to the Gulf and by January 1991 the war was raging and every one who was conscious, cancelled all of their travel plans. But I still had an $8,500 a month overhead and five employees who were depending on me for their welfare.

An hour later, I walked away with five leads, personal introductions to companies the others knew had to travel for business. Three of the leads would become my biggest clients.

I was hooked on leads groups.