Power Partners

I have worked with more than 2,500 entrepreneurs over the last 20 years and 90% are still in business. That is the opposite of the National average the IRS quotes 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first two years.

In 1995 during one of my Elite Leads meetings it occurred to me I stumbled on a way to help the Elite Leads members accomplish more business with a lot less effort.

For the first few months I simply referred to the concept as a coffee meeting, challenging three of the members to get together and exchange business cards as well as introduce each other to referral partners.

The term Power Partners™ struck a bell and from that point on, each member was challenged to meet with at least one new Power Partner™ every week.

These were other business owners who were working with the same type of a client, but for a different purpose. A CPA, business attorney, banker, management consultant, payroll company, etc. would all have new businesses as clients. And, they could refer business to each other consistently.

The concept was well received.

One of my members, Warren Boschin has a payroll company. In two years time he increased his business by 1200% and as of December 2010, 100% of his business was referred to him each and every month.

It really is that easy!