One of the techniques that has been the most instrumental in the success of my clients, consistently over the past twenty years has been theĀ implementationĀ of improving their business skills through training.

Years ago I asked a group if they had ever heard of “Steven Love”. Of course no one had. My answer was “Well, you would have if he had had a coach and learned new skills.”

Of course it got a laugh, but it made the point. I have seen too many entrepreneurs thrive while others struggle to make ends meet. The only difference between them is the amount of training, books they read and connections they have.

Too many resist taking the extra time to learn more about what will make them more successful. Too few understand the value of constantly learning.

Fortunately, most of the valuable entrepreneur training materials are available online or through CD programs. I love to listen to CD’s while I’m driving rather than listening to the radio.

Brian Tracy refers to it as his “University on Wheels.”

Over twenty years I have read more than 300 books and listened to more than 300 audio programs. A couple of years ago when I moved, I had a book party and invited my friend take as many of the books and CD programs as they could carry.

So now, I’m collecting all new material. I never see this as having an end. I love to learn and improve my skills.