Business Plan

It has always been amazing to me how many business owners do not have a business plan. In fact most business owners feel as though they only need a business plan when they are applying for a loan.

But the truth is, every business no matter how big or small, no matter how long they’ve been in business, needs to have a plan.

The marketing plan is an important part of the business plan. The plan of action on how to obtain new clients is as important as any other part of the plan. Do you know the profile of your ideal client? Are they small business or large? Do they have employees or are they solo entrepreneurs?

What is your Vision Statement? Do you know what you envision your company to be about? What is your Mission Statement? What is special about your company? What makes you stand out among you competition?

What will you offer your clients that no one else has thought to offer? When you look at the relationship you have with your clients, do you feel as though you’ve developed a long term friendship?

Lasting relationships will exceed the need for having the lowest price point and create long term clients for you.

Regardless, you will want to map out your business plan and look at it every week, not once a year.