One of the main criteria that will set a business apart from their competition is continuing education. The need to stay one step ahead of the competition through education becomes greater the more advanced computers become, the more the Internet influences they way we do business and even the tighter the economy becomes.

Years ago I started out by attending a Tommy Hopkins sales training program. I had been to Dale Carnegie, Quality control training among many other business improvement programs, but it was Hopkin’s program that made me realize the value of improving my skills as an entrepreneur.

I began to attend as many training programs as came to the Bay Area and bought the books and audio programs that went with them. I listened to the audios when driving back and forth to meetings which turned out to be more than 30 hours a month.

My skills were constantly improving and expanding. I found I absorbed knowledge faster that I thought I was capable and I remembered what I was hearing. I was able to pass on the information to my clients and they always appreciated it.

At one point I had over 300 books, CD’s and videos. I lent them out to my clients and then just before I moved from San Ramon I had a library party and had everyone choose as many books as they wanted to.

Whatever it takes, make the time to keep up your education and stay up to date with what it will take to keep you one step ahead of your competition.