Most metropolitan areas have a decent newspaper, buy if you’re lucky enough to be in a larger metro area such as the Bay Area, you’ll find a great resource, usually referred to as the Business Times. It is published weekly and has more information published about what is going on in the business community as any ten papers combined.

It takes a bit of patience at first, but once you get used to how the papers sort information you can read between the lines and find many resources for potential new clients.

First, they list business meetings where you can find new business contacts. They list every company who is getting funding which will tell you who might be your potential prospects. They list new leases and those who have purchased buildings too. They also list those who have been promoted, added to a new organization and all types of other information you can interpret into new business contacts.

One of the methods I used to be a resource to others was to keep a database of the information I had gathered from the Business Times newspapers. It was great to always be aware of what was going on in the business community.

So find a business newspaper in your area and keep up to date with what is happening and be sure to share the information with your contacts.